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Accelerate Your Analytics

Small businesses can leverage the power of Alteryx. As Alteryx Specialists, we will help you revolutionize your analytics with data blending, manipulation, and processing. Gone are the days of waiting weeks for IT to spin up a data mart. Gone are the days your developer holds your data hostage. SpiralAnalytics is your data's best friend.
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Tableau Data Visualization

In addition to blending your data, visualizing your data is just as important. Tableau is the go-to tool for quickly turning your data into stunning visuals. Our Tableau specialists can take it to a new level with stunning dashboards from your metrics and KPIs. We can also train your team and share a few time saving hacks.
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Excel-based Trackers for wellness and Fitness

Fitness & Wellness Tracking

Life is busy. Taking the time to practice self-care with exercise, meal-planning and organization is well worth the effort. Our proven MS Excel-based templates will help you track your steps, workouts, meals and plan for an effective day. Explore our templates, many available for just a few dollars.
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