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Our Mission

Change the world by helping clients and customers leverage the most innovative, creative, and powerful analytics solutions and best practices available.

Alteryx & Tableau Specialists With A Proven Record

Our Beginnings

SpiralAnalytics began ten years ago in Santa Barbara, CA. We learned quickly the power of analytics for both individuals and organizations. From the early days before cloud computing where Excel, SQL, and OBDC connectors were the rule of the day, to the modern day solutions like Alteryx, Tableau, and PowerBI, we were there helping clients compete in a data driven market place. With real-time sales reports driving revenue, to comprehensive marketing channel drill down reports, we created innovative, world class solutions for our clients.

Today, we are based in Louisville, CO. Our passion is only stronger as the speed of analytics picks up. Solutions are days away, not weeks away. Let us help propel your analytics to a new speed.

Analytics done right are as fast as a rocket ship

An Analytics Rocket Ship

Time from raw data to polished insight or KPI matters A LOT in today's data-driven market place. SpiralAnalytics has researched the best in class solutions to take your small business to a new level. Data matters and is an essential to staying competitive today.

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